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About Search Engine Spider Simulator

Have you ever wondered what search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo see when they look at your website? There is only a little information that search engine spiders do not see, and the way your website is viewed when indexed by search engine crawlers is not the same as what you (or your website visitors) will see on your web pages.

It is important to look at your website through this perspective so that you can identify the flaws in your web design or web content that prevents your website from being shown to targeted search engine users and considered as a relevant result in searches.

This free spider simulator tool is developed to mimic a search engine by showing the contents of a given web page in the same manner that a search engine would see it. To give you an idea, listed below are the information that you will see on the report generated by this spider simulator:

  • Meta title, meta keywords, and meta description
  • Text body or page content
  • Internal spider links (link’s URL, link’s anchor text, type, and No-follow/Do-follow)
  • External spider links - (link’s URL, link’s anchor text, type, and No-follow/Do-follow)
  • Hyperlinks that will be followed by a search engine

Which SEO components are not included in the results?

Not everything that we see on a specific web page is visible to search engine spiders, these include the following:

  • Flash based content
  • Content that is made using Javascript
  • Content presented as images or frames

This is the reason why you will not see them in the results.

Careful planning and proper SEO strategies must be implemented to optimize a website; you should also consider how search engines see all the valuable information on your website because all your efforts can be put to waste if these search engines don’t credit them.

Dealing with different search engines can be tricky and don’t give you any guarantee that you will land in a good position in the search results. But, as a website owner or webmaster, you must do everything you can and work hard to make your content visible to as many audiences as you can by optimizing your website.

You can use this spider simulator tool to check whether your web pages are SEO-friendly or not as determined by the results of this tool because it lets you see through the “eyes” of the search engine spiders. This way you can make the necessary adjustments on your content for better search engine optimization.