Speed Update: Google will penalize slow pages on mobile

Google announces an upcoming update of its algorithms. As of July 2018, pages whose loading time is too long will be penalized on mobile. The search engine recognizes that loading time is already used for ranking (since 2010), but only for desktop searches. Google formalizes here the importance of the loading time for the referencing on mobile, via an update entitled “Speed ​​Update”.

The impact of Google’s Speed ​​Update on SEO

Google says this update will only impact the pages that deliver the slowest experience to users. A small percentage of the query will be affected. As always, this is only a signal: if the content of a slow page is much better than the content of a faster page, the slowest page can still be displayed in front of the fastest page in Search results.

How to analyze the loading time of his site?

Google advises webmasters to use the Lighthouse and PageSpeed ​​Insights tools to analyze the loading speed of their sites. PSI now uses real-world Chrome UX report data to assess the speed of sites. If the results are not “in the green”, it is advisable to analyze finely the elements that slow down your site to not be penalized.

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