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Search engines blacklist

No legitimate website wants to get listed on a search engine's blacklist. If a website is listed on any search engine's blacklist, that will spell the end of that website's existence on the internet. Search engines blacklist websites for some reasons. If a website is involved in spamming, it will get blacklisted. If a website is suspected of being used for hacking other websites, it will be blacklisted. If a website has links to untrusted sites, it will be blacklisted. These are just some of the reasons for websites getting blacklisted. Remember search engines examine each website for its contents and its links, and if it finds any suspicious activity or bad links on a website, it will blacklist the site. Once a search engine blacklists a website it simply vanishes from the internet. Search engines use the IP address to blacklist a site. It means that if your website is using a dynamic IP address and the search engine blacklists the IP address; all the sites that were using that IP will no longer appear on the internet,

Blacklisted sites

There are thousands of databases on the internet that maintain lists 'abusive hosts'. Email service providers and ISPs look at these lists to protect their users from potential malware, viruses, or other nasty stuff.

There are so many blacklist websites lists that it becomes virtually impossible for a website owner to check if his or her website is listed on any of the websites. Therefore you need to use a tool to check if your website is on any blacklist. If it is so, you must take measures to have it removed from the list. You can use Google analytical tools to check Google blacklist list.

Smart phones on blacklists

Smart phones are lost, and stolen every day and thousands of such incidents are reported to cell phone service providers. If the smart phone owner knows their phones 'IMEI' number and reports it; the cell phone is placed on a blacklist and cannot be used by the thief. If a lost or stolen smart phone is recovered, the owner has to get it removed from the blacklist. He or she has to report the recovery to the cell phone service providers who will remove it from the blacklist.


There are so many devices using the internet today, and there are millions of websites. Websites have to protect themselves against malware, viruses, and hackers. They also have to make sure that their websites remain legitimate and do not land on any blacklist.

Getting a site removed from a blacklist is extremely difficult. There are tools to get your website removed from a blacklist, but there are no guarantees. Therefore it's best to take measures to ensure that your website does not get into trouble. Don’t ever buy links or fall for an offer of free links to boost your website's ranking. Search engines are brilliant and up to date. If they check a back link and see it's coming from a blacklisted or suspicious site, they will penalize your website.

Let your website's natural black-links grow, don't indulge in any tricks to get a better ranking as you are going to land in trouble eventually.